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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Reform of Public Education..a beginning..

For those of you just joining me, welcome. As you know, the educational system is broken.It is in dire need of reform. What I will be offering you through my blogging is not propaganda; it is not hearsay, not gossip, it is (sadly) factual accounts of incidents experienced within a public school system.

Agree with my opinions and comments or do not; you will not be able to deny that these types of incidents are occurring in our public educational system. They are.

My children were products of the schools I speak of; they were serviced and educated well. Far too many others children, especially those of illegal residents, were not.

If we are going to 'reform' immigration, then let's reform it correctly; let's not place those children at the hands of administrators who will look to exploit them for personal professional gain.

Please follow my entries to gain more understanding.

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