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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Violence Against Women on the part Athletes Continues

In the course of the last couple of days, I have been approached seeking my support of cases involving violence against women. One of the cases you may be aware of, especially in Texas; it's actually only the latest case of a professional athlete, Greg Hardy, a Dallas Cowboy, severely beating a woman. The second case involved the trafficking of minor females for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Sadly, there seems to be an increase of the later. Still, I don't mind supporting these campaigns as they do raise awareness of these types of pathetic social behaviors. I also don't mind considering I am well into my own campaign advocating for the emancipation of women globally. In all cases involving violence against women, the root cause, by my research, is the same. This is how I responded to the Hardy case, a case that should, by all accounts, be an attempted murder charge:

As a native Texan, presently overseas, I'm asking all my fellow Texans, regardless of team loyalty to please support this [violence against women] effort and to share it with all their Circles and Friends. Violence against women has got to stop, period. Misogynistic acts against women often are an indication/symptom of serious, deep rooted psychological issues, repressed homosexuality, based on research, being at the top of the list. Learned behavior is in there as well. Gay men feel entraped, cornered by homophobic social attitudes; frustrated, they lash out. The learned behavior guy is just doing what he saw Daddy do to Mommy, or mimicking what he saw on the latest Donkey Punch video. Greg Hardy obviously feels he has to punish women, hurt women for some reason. Whatever Hardy's problem, it falls on the Dallas Cowboys organization to remind him that violence against women is a criminal act; then, they need to fire him. The local authorities also need to prosecute appropriately. Greg Hardy, himself, has to evaluate the reasons he hurts women, and again, there are many, then he needs to seek professional help. Battering women will not solve his problems. I support this campaign because I also come from a violent family enviornment. My father beat my mother until she ran for her life, literally. Another reason I'm supporting is I just released an ebook on the subject. If you'd like to learn about the history of violence against women, I invite you to check out: Letters: An Inevitable Conversation https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/588291. I cite over 200 sources in producing this fact based fictional story. 30% is free, then, to get to the climatic end, it will cost you a whopping $1.99. But be advised, it's been call blasphemous and heretic, only because I call out misogynistic organized religions/cults; and, it's been call anti-government, only because I call out Stone Age religious extremist fundamentalist politicians who love subjugating, humiliating, and degradating women through legislation. I will also be addressing this particular campaign through my blog DhesBar Publications Short Takes http://dhesbarpublications.blogspot.com. A single campaign will not resolve this issue. Be safe all, and live smart.

Violence against women is actually a social plague, not an issue. Please consider lending your voice to eradicating it that our mothers, sisters, daughters, grand daughters can finally feel free and safe in our communities.

(To lend your voice towards the Hardy csse visit https://www.change.org/p/bank-of-america-don-t-sponsor-the-dallas-cowboys-if-they-keep-letting-domestic-abuser-greg-hardy-play-for-them-6?recruiter=25199746&utm_campaign=signature_receipt_fb_dialog&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition)

Monday, November 23, 2015

An Inevitable Technological Grass Roots Social Movement/Rebellion? Could be.

There is that almost natural, intrinsic set of checks and balances in the world that is just one of those oddities of human nature. If someone does bad, there is always someone else who will do good. If someone attempts to implement some wrong on society, there will be someone who will stand and challenge that person. We see this manifest in the simplest of acts (sometimes called random acts of kindness) on the streets of city and towns, and in more global implications such as we saw in the past World Wars that have plagued Earthly societies. Now granted, these level of events are not always what they seem. Hitler was a psychopath who attempted to gain control of the world; he was countered, but not before he reeked havoc on much of Europe. Today, because man never seems to learn from past events, we watch what we call an Islamic State attempt to gain control of the world; and, as we have seen in the past, this new threat is being countered, not only in the traditional military and economical ways by other nations, but by means of a technological war by a new unseen opposing force: Anonymous. Both sides will, of course, persist in their efforts, for it is a scientific law, for every action there is a reaction. But, this conflict, this war is unprecedented for one other reason. If you listen to the description of Anonymous you will not hear of a structured organization; there is no leadership, there is no board that discusses and plans; the membership is universal and they identify themselves simply as Anons. There is no membership application, no on-line qualifications to fulfill. There are few rules, and the ones in place are only intended to protect and maintain the, well, the anonymity. Members commonly use the tagline "We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us." Some descriptives used for Anonymous are: an unrelenting moral stance on issues and rights, regardless of direct provocation; a physical presence that accompanies online hacking activity; and a distinctive brand. Because of it's broad spectrum of members, there is no claim to preference in regards to gender, national origin, religious orientation, or political affiliation. And, while it appears to at least this Blogger that they are still in the formation, growing phase, it further appears that they are impacting significantly the trending issues, in the United States, and globally. One point to drive this view is, while they claim no structure per se, they have a face (a flag?), and have declared a cyber war on ISIS. While this Blogger has a policy of not affiliating with any organized entity, political, religious in nature or claim, and even social, I recognize Anonymous. I have seen this beginning before. I have read of their potential to reach across state lines, national borders, even oceans. This is the technological equivalent to a grass roots rebellion. Government has failed. That has been clearly stated by Anons. And now, they mass, in impressive numbers, with impressive skills, with lofty goals and objectives (some maybe needing to be refined a little), and it is my guess, they will change the face of society to a great extent. Personally, I will follow the efforts of Anons as they forge ahead. And perhaps even poke at their true intentions.

(For more information on Anonymous visit:

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veteran's Day? Armistist Day? Remembrance Day? Why Not: Everyday!

Veteran's Day is one of those observances that are, well, awkward. One the one hand, America wants to show it's appreciation for all the men and women who have served in military uniform; while on the other hand, America denies all those men and women who have served in military uniform the post care and benefits they have been promised.
There are about 50 thousand homeless veterans in this country on any given day. Their medical care is a disgrace, and compensation a joke.

I especially enjoy watching all those hypocritical politicians (who believe the military is intened to serve and protect the one percent), smile and shake the hands of lame, disfigured, and burned Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen. Many feel they have to lie about their own service, I guess out of self-pity and/or embarrassment.

My personal favorite story? Why my own of course! I remember writing to President Obama, I believe it more of a rant, but I was asking why the Social Security Administration did not consider military disabilities when one applys. He did not respond. At least not directly. He only referred me to the Veterans Crisis Line. You can imagine my surprise when one evening the phone rings and it's a Crisis Line attendee, asking me if I was okay. On questioning the caller, she explained, "Uh, you did write the President, didn't you? I dismissed the concerned woman, by asking her to please clear her line and make it available for a veteran who truly needed it.

But back to Veteran's Day, because I believe it's every American's responsibility to defend and protect our Constitution, yet so many just sit back and let others risk life and limb, sanity on the lines. I acknowledge those who served with me; I acknowledge those who served before me and all those who are serving now, and will in the years to come. For all in a uniform, whether that uniform is on their backs, or in their closets, thank you for your service. The sacrifice you made, stepping up to the demands of service is appreciated.

The best military character ever created for a movie was Colonel Jessup. Because while it's true, many Americans, politicians included (some of them are actually American citizens, you know), can't handle the truth about what's happening "over there" right now, and what's headed for your shores as you read this short. And just has the Colonel said, deep down within you all, while some of you detest us, while some of you feel we are not worth the post service investment, while some of you consider what we do as disgusting and vile, "you want us on that line, you need us on that line,"

Yes, I'm a proud veteran, but as the mantra is defiantly uttered, once a Marine, always a Marine. A person doesn't sign up to defend and protect the Constitution for four years, six years, or 30 years, they sign up to do so for life. So, even today, I'm ready to take my place back on that line in fulfillment of my oath, whether the enemy if foreign or domestic, whether that line is in another country, or in my own back yard.

As for the rest? If you are benefiting from the service of these men and women (yes, that's all of you), then just enjoy your liberties (while you can), and live your life. I'll leave you with another mantra of sorts, applicable to all walks of life and professions:

"Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way."

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Just The Facts Please!

Ah! But, just what are facts? So many people claim to know, but what do they really know? Our illustrious, learned politicians love to smile into cameras every day, more so during election seasons like present day, and rattle off facts like crazy. But, where did they get their facts? Professors and teachers stand before hundreds of students daily and belch out facts regarding mathematics, the natural sciences, the social beginnings of our communities, about the very use of our language arts. But, again, where, oh where did these so called facts really originate?

Well, that's my point.

You see, what we hear stated oh so often as facts are nothing more than the the opinions (blabberings?), the suspect findings, the somehow derived determinations of other people, and in a lot of cases, fools and scamps. Yet, written down on parchment paper, published, and appropriately codified these ramblings become facts to be handed down, read and regurgitated in classrooms, and pushed on and on, by degreed parrots.

I will use a very common, universal example. I will, right this second, tell you that the man you know as Jesus the Christ, was but a simple man, Jesus, the Nazarene, who was indeed crucified (murdered), not because God so commanded it, but for no other reason than other men, clerics and politicians, were jealous and fearful of him.

Is that a fact? Well, it must be because it is so stated in the Jefferson Bible. And, a bible can't be wrong, can it? But wait, another bible (yes, there are many), one with no clear author, states that Jesus the Christ was the very Son of God, given, sacrificed to the sinners of the world as a savior. Can that be true? Again, there it is in black and white, published and codified. Taught, and preached, and shared. It must be true, right?

So, how does one know which is the two is the true fact, and which is the bunk? Well, the only true fact is a statement that can be supported by evidence (and no, another man's opinion does not qualify as evidence). If archeological evidence, hard physical evidence exist to support the statement, then the statement can be said to be factual. (Homework: Research the two examples above and decide for yourself.)

Here's another example, Pat Robertson once stated as fact that an emancipated woman would turn into a witch and murder her entire family. While it's a sad fact women have killed their children, and certainly, many have killed their husbands. And while all is well supported by hard evidence (finger prints on a smoking gun), it cannot be used to support Robertson's statement; for one thing women are not emancipated, and another, witches are fictitious biblical characters created by Augustine in the 400s. But, Robertson has is a theory; and, theories can be easily (sometimes) proven true or false. So, I say, let's emancipate women now and we can all stand and watch what happens together.

(For more on Pat Robertson's views on women and other topics visit: The Top 10: Facebook 'vomit' button for gays and other Pat Robertson quotes http://edition.cnn.com/2013/07/09/us/pat-robertson-facebook-remark/)


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It's Definitely Not Going To Be Kansas Anymore

I have been reading with interest, and growing concern, the stories coming out of Europe pertaining to the refugees from Syria (and other countries). I find it interesting only because this tit for tat, Muslim/Christian tug of war, well, check that, all out war for control of (now) Europe has been going on now for centuries. The first Christian Crusades against the Muslims was in 1096, and we all know why that was launched, right? No!? Why because Egypt, Syria, North Africa, were Christian nations, well, at least until Muslims conquered them. And? The papacy just was not going to stand for that. And so, as the classic line goes, the rest is a sad history of hegemonic masculinity, religious extremist fundamentalist arrogance, ignorance, stubbornness, and well, chest thumping. Yes, all continues merrily on (it actually never stopped), and it seems it's the Christian's, and Jew's turn to thwart off a Muslim invasion. Good luck with that, guys.

But, I'm just curious; am I the only one who saw this coming? And for those Americans who are not concerned, who believe they will only be bystanders in all this, how tinted are those glasses?

But maybe they're right not to worry (too much) for, somehow, some way, countries, governments, societies, will weather the fighting (as they have in the past), the destruction, the deaths, on both sides. Victories will be claimed; new flags will wave, new social orders instilled, but life will continue. And, no matter who wins or loses. No matter who gains what stretch of land, this time. The minds will continue to work. New strategies will be drawn out. And someday, and it's anybody's guess as to when that day will be, but mark this down somewhere, someday, just as they have for millions of years, the two will clash once again.

But, here is the gist of all this, and probably the comic relief side; all these battles, all these claims to superiority dominance are waged in the name of God.

I would bet my life savings (wait, I don't have one), I would give the National Treasury, to know what God thinks of all this. My bet is She's laughing, no roaring.

If you are an American citizen, pondering the coming Presidential elections, listening to Don, Bern, Hill, Marc, Jeb, Ben, listen to the level of concern they're communicating regarding the latest Muslims vs. Christians fracas. Listen to how they intend to deal with tens of thousands of Muslims refugees heading to our shores, looking forward to settling into these candidate's posh neighborhoods. I say their neighborhoods only because this is America, land of opportunity and equality, I know they don't intend to settle all these poor displaced people in urban Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York. Hell, those places are dangerous! No, these people would be better served, they'd be more comfortable in the suburbs, in the Hamptons, Forest Hills, Martha's Vineyard; America needs to show these people our best side. Not our already overcrowded, deteriorating inner city, uh, well, slums. Hell, Germany and other countries are putting them up in five star hotels! We can at least do that much. Is the Waldorf Astoria still open? Great opportunity for Trump to display a little foreign diplomacy.

One last thing to ponder. How many of these refugees are the Japanese accepting? China? Russia? Just wondering.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Power of the Writen Word and the King

For the first time in a long time, I am truly saddened, but mostly angered by something I've read. I say this only because I read a lot of articles, books, and Blogs that deal with human rights violations around the world, many (most?) are very graphic and heart wrenching. But, this story in particular hit me because, well, it was about a fellow writer/blogger/activist/advocate.

The story is about Saudi Blogger, Raif Badawi, a young man who advocated for freedom of speech; yes, that basic fundamental right that Americans so often take for granted. For while I can easily open my laptop and begin banging away at the key board, raising hell about our self-focused, people ignoring, Constitution ignoring, religious extremist fundamentalist, right-wing, fanatic, it's my or else politicians, and then casually and fearlessly hit the publish button, sending my scathing, accusatory, finger pointing words into the cosmos, for anyone and everyone to read, this man was arrested for only seeking free speech.
His sentence? Ten years in prison; and no, Virginia, their prisons are not as plush and comfy as ours, no cable, no hot showers, no three meals a day, no free dental or medical; in fact, the only other thing he will get is one thousand lashes. 

Freedom of Speech.
In the United States, it's simply the right to communicate one's opinions and ideas, openly, without fear of censorship on the part of government. But, apparently, in other countries, those three words strike fear into the very heart of government. Just more evidence that the word, the proverbial pen, no matter the language, is so very powerful, even the riches, strongest, presently in power Presidents, Kings, dictators of all sorts, fear it still. 

What these censorship crazed governments always fail to acknowledge is, oppression and subjugation of people, world-wide, is fast going out of style. Syria is a perfect example. Libya another. Censorship does not stop the flow of information; it is, today, virtually impossible to prevent a story, a photo, a copy of a document from breeching any border, from crossing any ocean, from reaching any target. Twitter and Facebook, and a myriad of other social media networks are on-line 24/7. Therefore, the nation that suppresses? The nation that subjugates and dominates by force it's people? They are not protected, nor or they shielded by censorship today as they were decades ago. And, attempting to block these social media networks from functioning within their borders doesn't work either. The word, the story will get out. 

This horrendous injustice, this incomprehensible and brutal sentence/punishment handed down to this writer is causing an uproar across the world. It reached me across the the oceans, and now, I pass it on. I join in the raising of voices on behalf of civility. On behalf of humanity. On behalf of a brother Blogger. I join the voices demanding Saudi King Salman immediate release Raif Badawi, and grant the people of Saudi Arabia their freedom of speech. 

(Saudi Arabia ranks third in the world for censorship. Read more about this: http://news.yahoo.com/saudi-blogger-raif-badawi-wins-eu-sakharov-rights-105513886.html)