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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It's Definitely Not Going To Be Kansas Anymore

I have been reading with interest, and growing concern, the stories coming out of Europe pertaining to the refugees from Syria (and other countries). I find it interesting only because this tit for tat, Muslim/Christian tug of war, well, check that, all out war for control of (now) Europe has been going on now for centuries. The first Christian Crusades against the Muslims was in 1096, and we all know why that was launched, right? No!? Why because Egypt, Syria, North Africa, were Christian nations, well, at least until Muslims conquered them. And? The papacy just was not going to stand for that. And so, as the classic line goes, the rest is a sad history of hegemonic masculinity, religious extremist fundamentalist arrogance, ignorance, stubbornness, and well, chest thumping. Yes, all continues merrily on (it actually never stopped), and it seems it's the Christian's, and Jew's turn to thwart off a Muslim invasion. Good luck with that, guys.

But, I'm just curious; am I the only one who saw this coming? And for those Americans who are not concerned, who believe they will only be bystanders in all this, how tinted are those glasses?

But maybe they're right not to worry (too much) for, somehow, some way, countries, governments, societies, will weather the fighting (as they have in the past), the destruction, the deaths, on both sides. Victories will be claimed; new flags will wave, new social orders instilled, but life will continue. And, no matter who wins or loses. No matter who gains what stretch of land, this time. The minds will continue to work. New strategies will be drawn out. And someday, and it's anybody's guess as to when that day will be, but mark this down somewhere, someday, just as they have for millions of years, the two will clash once again.

But, here is the gist of all this, and probably the comic relief side; all these battles, all these claims to superiority dominance are waged in the name of God.

I would bet my life savings (wait, I don't have one), I would give the National Treasury, to know what God thinks of all this. My bet is She's laughing, no roaring.

If you are an American citizen, pondering the coming Presidential elections, listening to Don, Bern, Hill, Marc, Jeb, Ben, listen to the level of concern they're communicating regarding the latest Muslims vs. Christians fracas. Listen to how they intend to deal with tens of thousands of Muslims refugees heading to our shores, looking forward to settling into these candidate's posh neighborhoods. I say their neighborhoods only because this is America, land of opportunity and equality, I know they don't intend to settle all these poor displaced people in urban Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York. Hell, those places are dangerous! No, these people would be better served, they'd be more comfortable in the suburbs, in the Hamptons, Forest Hills, Martha's Vineyard; America needs to show these people our best side. Not our already overcrowded, deteriorating inner city, uh, well, slums. Hell, Germany and other countries are putting them up in five star hotels! We can at least do that much. Is the Waldorf Astoria still open? Great opportunity for Trump to display a little foreign diplomacy.

One last thing to ponder. How many of these refugees are the Japanese accepting? China? Russia? Just wondering.

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