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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Violence Against Women on the part Athletes Continues

In the course of the last couple of days, I have been approached seeking my support of cases involving violence against women. One of the cases you may be aware of, especially in Texas; it's actually only the latest case of a professional athlete, Greg Hardy, a Dallas Cowboy, severely beating a woman. The second case involved the trafficking of minor females for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Sadly, there seems to be an increase of the later. Still, I don't mind supporting these campaigns as they do raise awareness of these types of pathetic social behaviors. I also don't mind considering I am well into my own campaign advocating for the emancipation of women globally. In all cases involving violence against women, the root cause, by my research, is the same. This is how I responded to the Hardy case, a case that should, by all accounts, be an attempted murder charge:

As a native Texan, presently overseas, I'm asking all my fellow Texans, regardless of team loyalty to please support this [violence against women] effort and to share it with all their Circles and Friends. Violence against women has got to stop, period. Misogynistic acts against women often are an indication/symptom of serious, deep rooted psychological issues, repressed homosexuality, based on research, being at the top of the list. Learned behavior is in there as well. Gay men feel entraped, cornered by homophobic social attitudes; frustrated, they lash out. The learned behavior guy is just doing what he saw Daddy do to Mommy, or mimicking what he saw on the latest Donkey Punch video. Greg Hardy obviously feels he has to punish women, hurt women for some reason. Whatever Hardy's problem, it falls on the Dallas Cowboys organization to remind him that violence against women is a criminal act; then, they need to fire him. The local authorities also need to prosecute appropriately. Greg Hardy, himself, has to evaluate the reasons he hurts women, and again, there are many, then he needs to seek professional help. Battering women will not solve his problems. I support this campaign because I also come from a violent family enviornment. My father beat my mother until she ran for her life, literally. Another reason I'm supporting is I just released an ebook on the subject. If you'd like to learn about the history of violence against women, I invite you to check out: Letters: An Inevitable Conversation https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/588291. I cite over 200 sources in producing this fact based fictional story. 30% is free, then, to get to the climatic end, it will cost you a whopping $1.99. But be advised, it's been call blasphemous and heretic, only because I call out misogynistic organized religions/cults; and, it's been call anti-government, only because I call out Stone Age religious extremist fundamentalist politicians who love subjugating, humiliating, and degradating women through legislation. I will also be addressing this particular campaign through my blog DhesBar Publications Short Takes http://dhesbarpublications.blogspot.com. A single campaign will not resolve this issue. Be safe all, and live smart.

Violence against women is actually a social plague, not an issue. Please consider lending your voice to eradicating it that our mothers, sisters, daughters, grand daughters can finally feel free and safe in our communities.

(To lend your voice towards the Hardy csse visit https://www.change.org/p/bank-of-america-don-t-sponsor-the-dallas-cowboys-if-they-keep-letting-domestic-abuser-greg-hardy-play-for-them-6?recruiter=25199746&utm_campaign=signature_receipt_fb_dialog&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition)

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