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Monday, November 23, 2015

An Inevitable Technological Grass Roots Social Movement/Rebellion? Could be.

There is that almost natural, intrinsic set of checks and balances in the world that is just one of those oddities of human nature. If someone does bad, there is always someone else who will do good. If someone attempts to implement some wrong on society, there will be someone who will stand and challenge that person. We see this manifest in the simplest of acts (sometimes called random acts of kindness) on the streets of city and towns, and in more global implications such as we saw in the past World Wars that have plagued Earthly societies. Now granted, these level of events are not always what they seem. Hitler was a psychopath who attempted to gain control of the world; he was countered, but not before he reeked havoc on much of Europe. Today, because man never seems to learn from past events, we watch what we call an Islamic State attempt to gain control of the world; and, as we have seen in the past, this new threat is being countered, not only in the traditional military and economical ways by other nations, but by means of a technological war by a new unseen opposing force: Anonymous. Both sides will, of course, persist in their efforts, for it is a scientific law, for every action there is a reaction. But, this conflict, this war is unprecedented for one other reason. If you listen to the description of Anonymous you will not hear of a structured organization; there is no leadership, there is no board that discusses and plans; the membership is universal and they identify themselves simply as Anons. There is no membership application, no on-line qualifications to fulfill. There are few rules, and the ones in place are only intended to protect and maintain the, well, the anonymity. Members commonly use the tagline "We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us." Some descriptives used for Anonymous are: an unrelenting moral stance on issues and rights, regardless of direct provocation; a physical presence that accompanies online hacking activity; and a distinctive brand. Because of it's broad spectrum of members, there is no claim to preference in regards to gender, national origin, religious orientation, or political affiliation. And, while it appears to at least this Blogger that they are still in the formation, growing phase, it further appears that they are impacting significantly the trending issues, in the United States, and globally. One point to drive this view is, while they claim no structure per se, they have a face (a flag?), and have declared a cyber war on ISIS. While this Blogger has a policy of not affiliating with any organized entity, political, religious in nature or claim, and even social, I recognize Anonymous. I have seen this beginning before. I have read of their potential to reach across state lines, national borders, even oceans. This is the technological equivalent to a grass roots rebellion. Government has failed. That has been clearly stated by Anons. And now, they mass, in impressive numbers, with impressive skills, with lofty goals and objectives (some maybe needing to be refined a little), and it is my guess, they will change the face of society to a great extent. Personally, I will follow the efforts of Anons as they forge ahead. And perhaps even poke at their true intentions.

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