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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Do You Speak Religious Extremist Fundamentalist?

Is the United States falling into that category of nations under the rule of a religious extremists fundamentalist regime? Are we, the people, seeing the end (so soon), of liberty and justice for all? Wait, did we ever even get to that point? Are we now destined to join so many other peoples of the world living in fear of our own government? I mean, of course, even more than we do now.
What about our coveted First Amendment? Are we looking at state censorship? State controlled news sources only? What about our precious Second Amendment? Will Gestapo like federal storm troopers finally pry my (legally purchased) Kalashnikov AK 47 assault rifle (used for hunting squirrels only, of course) out of my cold dead hands? Oh my, and what about that Fourteenth? Uh huh! Yup! That's what I thought! You didn't even know their was one, did you? That's okay, most of our tunnel vision legislators don't know it exist either. I only ask all because so many people, good Americans (my family highly represented) fought for long and hard, and died defending all those and so many more. 

But today, when I listen to some of our Presidential candidates, the young and the not so young, I hear the winds of change blowing. And those winds are brisk and crisp. 

These days as I listen to the threatening demands, not the polite asking for a vote, the out and out demand for power and position (or else) on the part of the Ryans (all of them), I am reminded of standing and watching Italian hard line socialist marching through the streets of Naples in 1976. They too were not asking for votes, only demanding for total control of the government.  

When I hear the almost pathetic expectations, the almost God ordained right to ascension to power by the Clintons and Bushes, I'm reminded of walking through the streets of Olongapo and Manila in 1975. as the Philippines were fresh into the self imposed dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos. For he too, believed he was God's gift to the Filipino people. So much so, he declared himself their leader for life. Uh, well, that really didn't work out the way he expected, but he maintained a strong grip on the government for a good twenty or so years. Today, his son is pursuing the Presidency, to continue the good work(?) his father accomplished. (The stolen billions still have not been recovered.)  

When I listen to the arrogant "I'm a billionaire" platform of the Trumps (Trumpets?), I literally get chills down my spine, and am reminded of the Kim Jong ils, and even the Putins, lavished in luxury, ruling in glory over their personal private countries.  

But, when I hear the Carsons condemn Muslins from the pulpit of the religious extremists fundamentalist right? I fear for all citizens. Oh, you caught that, huh? I used religious extremists fundamentalist to describe an enemy of Muslims instead of vice versa. Well, that's because every religion has that ruthless element embedded some where within. The Crusades (Catholics) were not conducted by their choir boys (The First Crusade, 1095, remember?). Geez! You people have to tune out Airhead Housewives and find the History Channel once in awhile! Anyway, at least everyone knows how it all ended, right? Right!? Now, if you're shaking your head 'no' that's actually good, because it actually hasn't ended (Duh! the Middle East, people!), and probably won't end soon. 

No. I'm only kidding with you about not knowing all this; I know all of you are well read and inform about what loom over your country; but, what I'm not joking about is the potential for this country to fall into the hands of truly religious extremist fundamentalist and not of the Muslim variety, of an equally, if not more dangerous and unpredictable religious right. 

What can we do? Well, thank goodness we still have the vote! First know the definitions of what comprises these tyrannical false institutions. Understand that God, alluded to by whatever name, is not the foundation of such organizations, only a facade. These people only use God's name in vain in advancing their own agendas on gullible people. 

As for the United States Presidential Candidates? Do this simple litmus test. Find out if your candidate supports or advocates any legislation that violates the human/civil rights of another person, American citizen or not. In other words, does your candidate uphold the Fourteenth Amendment? Does she/he support or oppose all the legislation which restricts women's health choices? Does she/he support or oppose equal pay for women? Does she/he support or oppose freedom of religion? And by that I mean, fully support, not this willingness to afford them the honor and privilege of paying taxes, but not permitting them to run for public office, any public office, right up to the Presidency.  

There are so many other ways to find out exactly what is beneath the thin skin of any candidate. But, don't expect them to come right out and share. It falls on you, the voter, to learn if there are stripes or spots waiting to be revealed after the election.

Friday, October 30, 2015

A Short Note About Supporting a Cancer Victim

(The following is a guest post by Adela Rodriguez. Adela is a advocate for cancer awareness. I found her post on Facebook, and asked her to help me close out Breast Cancer Awareness Month by allowing me to share her powerful message with you.)

There is nothing more painful, at least not that I'm aware of, than watching someone at the end of their life because of cancer. If you've never had the honor, the privilege, then this post is for you.

For you see, these people, whether they are family members, dear, long time friends, are the bravest people in this world. We hear the word hero overused these days, but a person that endures, daily, hourly, every second of their day, the pain, the struggle of fighting cancer, well, they are the true heroes. At least mine.

For, remarkably, despite their personal suffering, they still struggle to please us. They try to look good, strong, all the while battling internally the effects of the chemo and radiation. They try to show us their strength, smiling, laughing, despite their obvious physically changes, despite their personal shock at their own changing appearance.

No. For those of you who have not had the honor, the privilege. Well, be thankful. For those of you who proudly wear the pink ribbon in October, just because you see a banner, a commercial, a posting that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, learn more about that ribbon. Don't wear it just because everyone else is wearing it; just because it's trendy. And for those of you who could really, honestly give a damn, simply because cancerin any formhas not touched you, yet? Please, just be respectful. I overheard a person, a woman no less, comment, "It's life! It happens! Deal with it!"
Yes, that's true. It's life, but it's not your life. It's ours. And we will deal with it, in a way you'll never know. So to you, I say, continue to pray. Continue to wish. Plead with whom ever you call your God, that you never have to know the pain we know.

Take it from me, take it from everyone who has taken the hand of an afflicted loved one. Once you look into the eyes of that person you shared so much with. Once you see them bravely not only fight the unwinnable fight, but lead the battle against this unrelenting enemy we call cancer. Once you do that, then you will know what true bravery is. Then you will know what a true hero is. And, you'll know what this post is all about.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but cancer could give a damn what month it is. And, I've always heard, if you're going to beat an enemy, you have to think like your enemy. Don't take off your pink ribbon on October 31st. For on November 1st, another woman, another family member, another friend, someone's loved one, somewhere will be diagnosed.

Let's make fighting cancer a year long, life long endeavor. Let's not stop fighting it until it's beaten. Eradicated.

Finally, don't just read this post and nod your head. Share it. Share it with everyone you know. For someone in your Circle, your Friends list, someone needs to hear this message. If for no other reason than to know, they are not alone.


(Adela Rodriguez lives in San Antonio, Texas and is a graduate of San Antonio College. She has been advocating for cancer awareness for years and has no plans to stop. For more information on this topic visit: U.S. Breast Cancer Statistics)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Just released novel addresses the history of Viiolence Against Women

Letters: An Inevitable Conversation is fiction inspired by actual events, statistics, and research on the part of many psychologist, psychiatrist, and advocates studying and documenting the social dilemma known as violence against women. The story opens with a scene repeated in our liberal society far to often. Approximately every nine seconds, a woman is battered, beaten, abused in some way in this country alone. Thousands are exploited through the pornography industry; millions are exploited through highly organized prostitution rings. So many more are snatched off the streets of this country, exploited, abused, tortured, and murdered with little resolution or grave concern on the part of legislators, law enforcement, and the judicial system. This is not due to some flute in the system. The exploitation, degradation, and humiliation of women spans centuries, and in fact, has been authorized, legalized, legislatively supported, and sanctified by a myriad of misogynistic organizations operating under the guise of religion. Letters looks back at the approximate start of this hegemonic masculinity trend of designating women as a non-human, object deserving of such treatment. I say approximate, because there was a time when women were revered and honored in society. That is why her reduction to the classification of the gateway to Hell, her subjugation to level of slave, and her treatment as wild game, the witch to be hunted, tortured and burned is an image of woman that must change. Join Brandon, Michael, and Lillianna as they engage in the conversation that all women (and men) should be engaged in, join in the inevitable conversation.

To purchase the eBook ($1.99), or to preview 30% free of charge, click on display above. If you have any questions, or comments, or experience difficulties, please feel free to contact me directly at dhesbarpublications@gmail.com.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Resources for Researching Violence Against Women

This is a partial list of resources. I have many, many more to add still. If you know of one I'm missing, or should consider for inclusion, please let me know. Sorry, these are not live links; you will have to cut and paste into your search bar.

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