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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Do You Speak Religious Extremist Fundamentalist?

Is the United States falling into that category of nations under the rule of a religious extremists fundamentalist regime? Are we, the people, seeing the end (so soon), of liberty and justice for all? Wait, did we ever even get to that point? Are we now destined to join so many other peoples of the world living in fear of our own government? I mean, of course, even more than we do now.
What about our coveted First Amendment? Are we looking at state censorship? State controlled news sources only? What about our precious Second Amendment? Will Gestapo like federal storm troopers finally pry my (legally purchased) Kalashnikov AK 47 assault rifle (used for hunting squirrels only, of course) out of my cold dead hands? Oh my, and what about that Fourteenth? Uh huh! Yup! That's what I thought! You didn't even know their was one, did you? That's okay, most of our tunnel vision legislators don't know it exist either. I only ask all because so many people, good Americans (my family highly represented) fought for long and hard, and died defending all those and so many more. 

But today, when I listen to some of our Presidential candidates, the young and the not so young, I hear the winds of change blowing. And those winds are brisk and crisp. 

These days as I listen to the threatening demands, not the polite asking for a vote, the out and out demand for power and position (or else) on the part of the Ryans (all of them), I am reminded of standing and watching Italian hard line socialist marching through the streets of Naples in 1976. They too were not asking for votes, only demanding for total control of the government.  

When I hear the almost pathetic expectations, the almost God ordained right to ascension to power by the Clintons and Bushes, I'm reminded of walking through the streets of Olongapo and Manila in 1975. as the Philippines were fresh into the self imposed dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos. For he too, believed he was God's gift to the Filipino people. So much so, he declared himself their leader for life. Uh, well, that really didn't work out the way he expected, but he maintained a strong grip on the government for a good twenty or so years. Today, his son is pursuing the Presidency, to continue the good work(?) his father accomplished. (The stolen billions still have not been recovered.)  

When I listen to the arrogant "I'm a billionaire" platform of the Trumps (Trumpets?), I literally get chills down my spine, and am reminded of the Kim Jong ils, and even the Putins, lavished in luxury, ruling in glory over their personal private countries.  

But, when I hear the Carsons condemn Muslins from the pulpit of the religious extremists fundamentalist right? I fear for all citizens. Oh, you caught that, huh? I used religious extremists fundamentalist to describe an enemy of Muslims instead of vice versa. Well, that's because every religion has that ruthless element embedded some where within. The Crusades (Catholics) were not conducted by their choir boys (The First Crusade, 1095, remember?). Geez! You people have to tune out Airhead Housewives and find the History Channel once in awhile! Anyway, at least everyone knows how it all ended, right? Right!? Now, if you're shaking your head 'no' that's actually good, because it actually hasn't ended (Duh! the Middle East, people!), and probably won't end soon. 

No. I'm only kidding with you about not knowing all this; I know all of you are well read and inform about what loom over your country; but, what I'm not joking about is the potential for this country to fall into the hands of truly religious extremist fundamentalist and not of the Muslim variety, of an equally, if not more dangerous and unpredictable religious right. 

What can we do? Well, thank goodness we still have the vote! First know the definitions of what comprises these tyrannical false institutions. Understand that God, alluded to by whatever name, is not the foundation of such organizations, only a facade. These people only use God's name in vain in advancing their own agendas on gullible people. 

As for the United States Presidential Candidates? Do this simple litmus test. Find out if your candidate supports or advocates any legislation that violates the human/civil rights of another person, American citizen or not. In other words, does your candidate uphold the Fourteenth Amendment? Does she/he support or oppose all the legislation which restricts women's health choices? Does she/he support or oppose equal pay for women? Does she/he support or oppose freedom of religion? And by that I mean, fully support, not this willingness to afford them the honor and privilege of paying taxes, but not permitting them to run for public office, any public office, right up to the Presidency.  

There are so many other ways to find out exactly what is beneath the thin skin of any candidate. But, don't expect them to come right out and share. It falls on you, the voter, to learn if there are stripes or spots waiting to be revealed after the election.

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