Letters: An Inevitable Conversation

Japayuki: A Novel

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Just released novel addresses the history of Viiolence Against Women

Letters: An Inevitable Conversation is fiction inspired by actual events, statistics, and research on the part of many psychologist, psychiatrist, and advocates studying and documenting the social dilemma known as violence against women. The story opens with a scene repeated in our liberal society far to often. Approximately every nine seconds, a woman is battered, beaten, abused in some way in this country alone. Thousands are exploited through the pornography industry; millions are exploited through highly organized prostitution rings. So many more are snatched off the streets of this country, exploited, abused, tortured, and murdered with little resolution or grave concern on the part of legislators, law enforcement, and the judicial system. This is not due to some flute in the system. The exploitation, degradation, and humiliation of women spans centuries, and in fact, has been authorized, legalized, legislatively supported, and sanctified by a myriad of misogynistic organizations operating under the guise of religion. Letters looks back at the approximate start of this hegemonic masculinity trend of designating women as a non-human, object deserving of such treatment. I say approximate, because there was a time when women were revered and honored in society. That is why her reduction to the classification of the gateway to Hell, her subjugation to level of slave, and her treatment as wild game, the witch to be hunted, tortured and burned is an image of woman that must change. Join Brandon, Michael, and Lillianna as they engage in the conversation that all women (and men) should be engaged in, join in the inevitable conversation.

To purchase the eBook ($1.99), or to preview 30% free of charge, click on display above. If you have any questions, or comments, or experience difficulties, please feel free to contact me directly at dhesbarpublications@gmail.com.

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